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Tallahassee Costco Makes Miracles!

Knowing that children’s hospitals are underfunded, Costco, its members and employees make a difference by fundraising. They are changemakers who recognize kids’ health isn’t just about helping those in critical situations — it’s also about research, preventative care, health, safety education and other support services that build healthier communities today and tomorrow.

During the month of May, Costco set out to change kids’ health! Specifically, Costco Warehouse 1026 in Tallahassee, Fla., worked diligently to raise $33,716 for UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. This was made possible by the dedicated employees and cashiers who asked customers for donations and sold promotional materials at the register. The campaign was led by Melyssa Patterson, one of the Front End Supervisors for the warehouse.

Throughout the campaign, members could hear the sound of a gong ringing in the warehouse. That’s because the gong signaled new donations made at the register! In fact, there were so many donations that the gong cracked!

Top fundraising cashiers:

Lindsey- $5,784

Angie- $2,830

Sean- $2,146

Shaneika- $2,060

Josh- $1,841

Jullie- $1,486

Casey- $1,444

Jameson- $1,419

Jabriel- $1,392

Vesharyn- $1,317

Karen- $1,291

Omaree- $1,226

Michael- $1,222

Cory- $1,010


Since 1988, Costco employees and members have donated more than $470 million to CMN Hospitals in the United States. Costco’s societal impact has transformed the lives of patients and families. Through donations collected during the annual campaign, hospitals can provide treatments and healing that patients desperately need today, so they can fulfill their potential tomorrow.