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Coronavirus | Mom Shares the Terrifying Reality of Caring for an Immunocompromised Son

The world is awakening to the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are not considered high-risk for the disease, it may be tempting to salve away fears by convincing yourself that you personally don’t need to worry about the virus.

However, at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals we care deeply about the most vulnerable children in our society. Recently, Amber Ferrell spoke tenderly and eloquently about how terrifying it is to care for an immunocompromised child during this scary time. Her son Nathan lives with mitochondrial disease, which puts him in a high-risk category during the coronavirus pandemic. As a Champion Kid from UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, Nathan and his family have generously opened up about their story to raise awareness about children’s health issues and the incredible importance supporting to your local children’s hospital.

In a recent Facebook post, Amber opened up about the struggles of living in this terrifying “new normal” that the coronavirus pandemic has created.

We have some friends staying the night with us tonight, so I was rearranging Nate’s room so that we could access the trundle under his bed. I pushed some of his equipment over to his oxygen concentrator and continued to pick up the dirty shirts, underwear and various other things that grow on the floors of preteens. But when I turned around and saw this image, it hit me…

My youngest kid lives a fairly normal life. He goes to school, he plays an instrument, he has friends. But his life is far from typical, regardless of how much we try to make it look like on social media. My kid requires so much medical equipment and medication to help keep him functioning every single day that is far from typical.

He is the kind of person our CDC and WHO and elected officials think about when they make decisions about the state of our nation in regards of health. He is who our administrations think about when universities restrict contact and businesses limit access. I appreciate that. We work every single day to give Nate the best and longest life possible. Although we may be frustrated and dismayed with a disruption in our day to day life, the restrictions that are being put in place are needed to prevent devastation in our nation. Please realize that. Your annoyance with plans cancelled may result in the life of someone else saved.

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